Durabook Helps Keep Chicago Commuter Rail System on Track


Railroading is a testing-intensive environment. With trains running nearly 24/7, Metra digital devices are subjected to heavy vibrations, extreme temperatures, and weather conditions that range from bright sun to rain, snow, ice, wind (it is the Windy city!), and stifling humidity. Despite all of that, it demands devices that hold up and can keep rolling along.


In 2016, Metra made its first Durabook purchase, the S15AB rugged laptop. Over the intervening years, the units have continually proved themselves and have been very reliable, even with all of the daily abuse they face riding the rails. But, devices eventually wear out, and more advanced devices become available. So when either of those happens, Metra simply places orders for the latest S15AB version.


The fact that Metra comes back for additional units or upgrades speaks volumes for its belief in the S15AB. That, coupled with what it refers to as Durabook’s super-fast, super-friendly, super-responsive customer service (such as adding backlit keyboards to existing units), helps assure Chicago commuters that the details behind their daily rides are in capable hands.

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