Durabook Devices Demonstrate Technical Excellence For Radiography Specialist


As a manufacturer of systems for digital radiography, TWN Technology’s systems are widely used in

the oil and gas, shipbuilding, aircraft industry, and construction sectors. Non-destructive testing engineers work in specialist laboratories and encounter the most hazardous weather, where temperatures range from -35 to +40 degrees Celsius (-31 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit) and conditions vary from snowstorms to heavy rain.

To work in these conditions, engineers need devices that are reliable, robust and convenient to operate. Some of the primary problems encountered with previous tablets were; short operating times, interface and system errors, inconvenient device format, lack or customization, fragile design, reduced temperature ranges and occasional freezing.


Durabook was recommended by several staff members who had previously worked with their devices and several Durabook U11I rugged tablets were purchased.

The new tablets were immediately incorporated into the demonstration sets of the NOVOSCAN digital radiography systems and showed instant results. The tablet’s powerful hardware allowed the software to run smoothly, eliminating the possibility of any errors in the operation, and one battery charge was enough to demonstrate all the advantages of the system while showing the different X-ray images.

Some key outcomes have been that, by using Durabook devices, the average time to inspect a part has been reduced by 10-15 seconds, and over the course of a whole day, the time savings can be up to an hour, which in turn is critical for non-destructive testing engineers. Also, exceptional capacity of the handheld device means that the user can now use TWN’s measurement software on the tablet as comfortably as possible.

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